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Grand Opening Crowd

Sponsor Community Goodwill After The Grand Opening

Put Structure to your Marketing

Each year, community organizers struggle to produce public events and this is a golden opportunity for a new business to provide Goodwill to a community by sponsoring entertainment.

Sponsoring entertainment allows a new business to get their name out to the community through the event marketing. Events usually have a website, fliers, and brochures that are distributed throughout the community and, for a fraction of the cost, your business information can be distributed to thousands of residents.

How to sponsor entertainment or activity

  • Call the Mayor’s office, police department, library, and park district and ask them for groups that have public events. Let them know you are looking to sponsor entertainment or an event, or to contribute to a community cause.
  • Set a budget that you want to spend and remember this is a goodwill gesture to the community and this is a long-term investment in the community.
  • Research producers that will provide quality entertainment that you can submit to the event committees and can brand your product into the production of the show.
  • Reach out to your network of business associates, and bring in a proposal to the event committee that is complete, thorough, and is fully funded.

Things you should include when dealing with entertainment

  • Entertainment should acknowledge you onstage as a sponsor
  • Sponsor logo should be visible onstage
  • Entertainer should promote the sponsor to its fan base

Building a relationship with the community, other local businesses, and in the political environment will help a new business grow in areas that you never imagined were possible.

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Crowd Drawing Balloon Décor for Grand Opening and Granniversariesies

floating_balloon_columnsI am over here balloon display, is an oversized balloon décor that draws the attention of people from far away, beyond the parking lot (maybe even the freeway or main road). A visual marker, that lets people know that something special is happening in this area.  This design does have a minor flaw that the higher you go, the smaller things appear, but it can be overcome by using grouping and not just a single floating column.   In this case, more is better. Sure, one balloon strand will show people where you are, but five of them will increase their curiosity. Ask yourself; is the purpose of the balloon décor for decoration, giving directions, or gathering new crowds of people, not yet aware of the grand opening?

If you are only trying to mark the entrance for people invited to the grand opening, a single floating column or a streamer will be enough. If, on the other hand, you want to draw a crowd from all over, then multiple pieces are better. The top three sellers for attraction décor are floating columns, floating mini columns, and streamers. The difference between them is the look, girth, and the design.

The second type of décor is for the entrance of the grand opening. This décor is to build interest and let people already in the parking lot, or general vicinity, know that something special is happening. The décor can be as simple as a couple of columns, or an arch, or as elaborate as a faux entrance façade that creates a scene and entices people to use it as a photo backdrop. The main difference is that while the simple décor marks the spot, the more elaborate style becomes an attraction and a branding item. Incorporate the store logo into the design; this way it will advertise your company in any pictures taken. I have seen events where people are so excited about the entrance décor that they call friends to come and see the display. While there are as many different design options as there are types of stores, I want to address the popular grand opening balloon decor.

Eye Catching Door Entrance

  1. Grand Opening Balloon Decor OptionsThe spiral arch creates a visual energy that while very effective in many cases, is overused by default. I personally prefer the look of two columns with a string of pearls arch, or even double pearls.
  2. Columns come in many different styles, from your standard spiral to people sculptures. If you are going to use a standard spiral column, make the most of the visual energy they produce by building them so that they spiral into each other. This way the eye is led right into the store. There are other types of columns as well, some of them are better than others if you want to use it as a branding item. A linear column, which has more of a “Flat” look, is based on grid system, offers an excellent surface to superimpose signs or logos. Sculpture style columns, like clowns or carrots, are a fun way to give a clue as to what is inside the store. Both of these make for excellent photo backdrops as well. For evening events add lights inside the balloons and turn them into lamps, creating a warm ambiance. Special effects are attention getting, beautiful, and conversational.
  3. Linear Arch- like the linear columns, an arch based on a grid system is perfect for inserting logos or signage. In addition, it has a unique look and draws curious bystanders from the surrounding area.
  4. Topiary sculpture tunnel entrance is by far the most elaborate. By using a topiary sculpture design system, you can customize the shape to be a logo, mascot or conceptual design—even larger than life figures can be constructed. This is by far the most expensive option, but depending on your event and target demographic, may give the best ROI. This is a giant walk-through piece of balloon art. It is not just an entrance; it is an experience to experience both visually and esthetically.

Interior Balloon Décor

Here is a perfect place for a spiral arches. The spiral arch leads the eye up one side, and down the other. It intensifies customer traffic down these aisles and increases interest in the area. Other types of décor designed to direct the eye to products of interest range from the simple, but effective, bouquet of balloons, to the more elaborate hanging sculptures. To retain as much real estate as possible for products and customers, make good use of your vertical space. Decorate the air and the whole room will come alive. Bouquets or small sculptures on end caps make for great attention getting décor, thereby increasing impulse buys. Professional balloon decorators use Hi-Float to increase balloon float time making the grand opening décor excitement last for an entire week!

Want to see more examples of Grand Opening Décor, click here to go to Balloon Utopia’s website to see some examples of grand openings in San Diego.

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Grand Opening Balloon Décor

Congratulations! After months, even years of planning, the building is built, the fixtures are in place and you’re ready to plan your official Grand Opening event!

Grand Opening Balloon Décor generates excitement, and carries with it the message of fun and happiness.  By touching the subconscious heartstrings of your potential customers, you are getting an instant warm fuzzy feeling.  Balloon décor offers highly visibility, totally customizable and a great cost effective way to get more décor coverage for your money.

There are 3 types of grand opening balloon décor:

  • Attention getting décor to be seen from far away
  • Attention getting décor to be seen from parking lot to bring people into store
  • Ambient décor inside store to generate excitement and drive impulse buys

Outdoor Balloon Décor

The key to outdoor décor is to plan with weather conditions in mind.  Anchor balloons to something that is fixed in the ground whenever possible, for example, a sign post, or a light.  Remember that balloons are susceptible to wind, even as little as 4 miles an hour can destroy your balloon décor. For columns and arches, make sure that you have a strong internal framework and a solid base with a large footprint.  The rule of physics is, the taller your décor, the bigger the footprint.  Professional decorators use 150 lb steel base plates with a 2′ footprint for outdoor columns and arches.  Even with that, we sometimes need to add weight to stabilize against the wind.

Don’ts of Outdoor Balloon Décor

  • Don’t use dark colors, like black, blue, green or purple as they absorb heat and could pop on hot days.
  • I don’t recommend using bouquets of balloons outdoors, as they tend to tangle, but instead would go for topiary kites or clusters of balloons where there is a single anchor point.   Look to wide ribbons to add that extra rhythm and movement.

One last thing about outdoor balloon décor, even if you’re not in California, it’s a good idea to follow the California balloon laws.  These are the strictest balloon regulations that requires every Mylar balloon must be individually weighted, and no balloons can be attached to any type of electrically conducive material.  Following these guidelines makes for a better environmental impact along with making your grand opening balloon décor meet all state requirements.  Note:  latex balloons are completely biodegradable, but none-the-less should be properly handled.

Want to see more examples of Grand Opening Décor, click here to go to Balloon Utopia’s website to see some examples of grand openings in San Diego.

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Recession-Proof PR

Hard economic times are, ironically, the best times to aggressively launch a PR campaign. When times are challenging, often one of the first decisions a business owner will make is put a halt to any and all marketing; where in reality, the most important time to market a service or a business is precisely during those slow periods. The Chinese symbol for danger is also the symbol for opportunity. If you’re smart, you’ll focus on the opportunity aspect. Think about it, when the economy is slow you, more than ever, want to reach your target market and separate yourself from the competition. Most business owners and entrepreneurs react in the typical knee- jerk way by climbing into their shell and waiting for business to improve. So these times offer even greater opportunities; while you competitors are in hiding, get yourself out there. Be creative. Think of ways to use the recession, or economic downturn as a part of your pitch. If you’re targeting the high-end market, focus on the most expensive product or service you offer. Go against the flow and offer the media a different type of story. If you’re targeting consumers that are being impacted by the economic downturn, come up with a unique cost-saving offer or market an unusual product or service. Each business will need a different approach, but keep in mind that doing nothing PR-wise during economic tough times, will result in just that – nothing.

For further information visit:

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Grand Opening Food Ideas for Vendors

A vendor is a business associate who will be working with your company and by developing a close relationship will make it easier to do business with. Provide a special vendor grand opening, typically done after store hours or before the store officially opens and allows vendors the opportunity to view the store prior to customers and see their product displays and how products will be marked throughout the store.

A vendor grand opening is a business casual event and a formal meal is not required. However, business professionals would enjoy a spread of hot horderves and beverages. Consider your typical hot finger food options.

  • Hot wings
  • Little hot dogs
  • Bagel bites
  • Little tacos
  • Chicken fingers

But don’t forget the simple horderves like

  • Crackers
  • Cheese
  • Nuts
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Veggies & Dip
  • Chips
  • Pretzels

Provide silverware, napkin, plates, and cups.  Don’t go cheap on the accessories, purchase inexpensive silverware, plates, and real glass cups.  The look alone will increase the presentation 100% by removing paper products and Styrofoam products.

If catering the event, hire a professional wait staff to serve horderves and drinks.  This will allow staff to mingle with vendors and keep clean up to a minimal.  Strategically place recycle bins and trash receptacles in highly visible locations while reducing trash from being discarded among the store products. The goal of the vendor grand opening is to create a warm, friendly atmosphere where the store is the focus and the food and beverage is there to subdue hunger.

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Grand Opening Events – Announce it here!

Announce your Grand Opening EventDo you have a grand opening event coming up and are you looking to promote? If you said “Yes” then you need to post your grand opening event information here at   It’s FREE to post your grand opening event and all the details that go with the event.  Just click on Post Announcement at the top of the page and fill out the form.  The information will be reviewed by staff and will verify the data entered is about a grand opening event and not spam. thanks you for posting your grand opening event information and wishes you and your company great success.  Please take a minute or two and read an article about tips and ideas on how to make your grand opening event a success.

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Reward Signup at Grand Opening

Reward Programs

Many stores are offering reward programs and the best time sign people up is at the grand opening.  Have staff on hand with clipboards and pen ready to sign people up while waiting in line.  Make it as effortlessly as possible for them to become a loyal shopper. The easier you make the register process, the more people will join.

Immediate Gift for Joining a Rewards Program

Since everyone needs basic house hold products – Give gifts that people can use: Prizes that are useful are boring, but appreciated. Why? Because we use them!  Consider offering toilet paper as a thank you – everyone need it.

Other useful giveaway ideas

  • Garbage bags
  • Yard waste bags
  • Screw driver
  • Cleaning products
  • Bottled water

Make sure the gift is something the customer can really use. Forget about novelty products like can cozies, magnets, professional sports schedule or key chains.  If the giveaway product is useful, there is a good chance the customer will come back and purchase more of these products.

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