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Grand Opening Delegating

Grand Opening Day Training For Employees

Put Structure to your Marketing

Author: Andrew Hallinan

Your grand opening is a very important day with lots of jitters and excitement for all involved.  And because it is the first day you are introducing your new company to the the world, to potential clients and customers, its very important that everyone involved puts their ‘best foot forward’.  In order to ensure this happens, its very important that all employees are a part of the employee training process.  Not only do new employees need to be trained for their particular roles that they will be fulfilling in the weeks and months ahead, but all employees should be prepared to fill multiple jobs in the chaos of the first day and grand opening celebration.  Training is so important because the employees are the face and voice of the business.

Basic Training: Interacting with Customers
Every employee, regardless of their prior work experience, should be trained in the basics, such as greeting customers, health and safety regulations, the location and stocking of goods, as well as closing and opening procedures.  For training on interactions with customers, the best idea is often to provide an example script and then to role-play.  Take the time and energy to make sure all employees know their roles well enough to be confident and professional for both the grand opening and the months to follow.  Their speech, actions, and knowledge of the store should reflect this training and standard of professionalism.

Basic Training: Stocking Shelves
Another aspect of running the new business that every employee should know is how to display the goods and merchandise.  Most often this means knowing how to stock shelves and then label with prices.  If no goods are out, available to customers for purchase, then the ‘closed’ sign might as well be out.  In other words, if there is ever a possibility of a customer dropping in looking to spend money but the shelves aren\’t stocked, then there is no point in paying employees to ‘man the post’.  In order to make sure that never happens, all employees, regardless of their paid positions, should know how to stock goods and label pricing.

Basic Training: Checkout Procedure
Knowing how to put the correct prices on goods ties in to an earlier point of everyone needing to know how to check a customer out in a timely manner.  Being able to complete a customer\’s desired transaction in a timely and professional manner is tied into the earlier point of all employees needing to know how to interact with patrons.  But employees will not be able to complete the transaction without knowing pricing.  And clients quickly become frustrated with shopping if they do not know how much an item is going to cost them.  Once both parties know this information, only then can transactions, money in exchange for goods, go smoothly.  This enables customers to leave satisfied and employees to work efficiently.  Make sure that employees know not only how to label, but where the pricing and bar code information can be found by using a master, computerized, listing program.

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Franchises Grand Openings

Many franchises will leave the grand opening up to the franchisee to develop a grand opening extravaganza. Typically, marketing support falls short by the franchise; their concern is the store opens on time and follows franchise protocol.

Successful franchises have or hire a creative marketing team to develop the grand opening marketing. The franchise helps the franchisee with advertising, securing vendor promotions, and provides marketing support through its other franchise locations.

The ability of the franchise to support its franchise is critical for both parties success. Too often franchiser is more interested in expansion and overlooks the simple support that they can provide to a new franchisee.  New franchisees should request:

  • Advertising support for the grand opening
  • Announcements in all franchise locations
  • Support in securing vendor participation
  • Press release announcing new location
  • Web support highlighting grand opening location
  • Support in TV, radio, print and Internet advertising
  • Support team to help run and develop a successful grand opening

The franchise needs to show from the beginning, that they are committed to the new franchisee and are willing to work together to develop a strong grand opening celebration.

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A Grand Opening For Your Franchise!

If you are starting a new franchise and you want it to be a success from the beginning you are on the right track. And if you want to effectively get the community and people aware of your new franchise, a grand opening is a must! A grand opening is a great way for you to attract people to your new franchise and get business started right away. It is a great way to get your franchise going faster and stronger than if you didn’t have one.

Tips to conduct a successful grand opening for your franchise:

  1. Pick a time and date that will benefit you the most. Since you will want as many people as possible it should be during a time when most people can attend. So, Sunday at 10am is not good since a majority of people may be in church. During the week is better and during a high traffic time.
  2. Invite people in the community such as the mayor, city council or other government officials. This will not only get them there but others who respect those you invited.
  3. Make it look like something is happening. You may have many great things planned inside for your grand opening, but if nothing is out of the ordinary on the outside how will people know. You should have grand opening signs or banners, balloons, ribbons, and things of that nature. That way you will attract those who may have heard and those who are simply passing by.
  4. Plan a great opening day with giveaways, door prizes, games and refreshments. You may even have a ribbon cutting ceremony, guest speakers, D.J’s or other forms of entertainments for all. Have something for everyone, something for the adults and also something for the kids! You want to make the day memorable. That way people will want to come back and they will also tell their friends about. Word of mouth can really boost your business!
  5. You may even be able to get a little more publicity if you ask for it. You can contact newspapers, television stations and other means and invite them to your grand opening. If they do attend chances are they will add it to their feature in the news or newspaper, this is a great promoter for business. For the best response you should invite these individuals two to three weeks in advance and then call them a few days before the event to remind them.
  6. Plan your grand opening event for about a month after you actually open. This is a good idea that way your franchise is running and you will have worked through any glitches of problems before you invite everyone to “check you out”. You will also have a well trained staff that can cater to the customer’s needs. Customer service will be key to your success!
  7. Don’t forget to invite your personal support group. Invite your friends, family and previous influential contacts. Not only will they provide support for you but the community likes to see that you are human.

Give your franchise the best grand opening by following these simple tips!

For more information on an automotive franchise visit BumperDoc auto body franchise and start your path to business ownership.

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Grand Opening Food Ideas for Employees

I have attended many grand openings and feeding guest, vendors, and employees varies from each grand opening event.  Let’s first consider the employees working the grand opening.

Feeding the Employees

The preparation for a grand opening starts hours before the doors open and will continue throughout the day.  So it is critical that staff be fed and given regular breaks to insure they have enough energy and keep their enthusiasm at peak levels.  Assign an individual to oversee the employee break room is stock with food, beverages and is neat.

The employees are the troops that will make your grand opening a success, so invest some time and money into making them part of the grand opening celebration. Here are some grand opening food ideas for employees.

  • Beverages – Fresh coffee, cold bottled water and soda
  • Morning break – Donuts, coffeecake
  • Lunch – Pizza, Catered meals or gourmet sandwiches
  • Afternoon – Fresh fruit
  • Night Crew – Warm meal, cookies and cakes

Keep in mind some of the managers and employees will be working all day and having a good meal in them will prevent mood swings from occurring.  Don’t make the grand opening all about a business opening, but instead a joint venture between employees and the company to make a successful business.  Make good will with employees, start at the grand opening.

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