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Re-Grand Opening Tips

A Viral Video Drives Customers To Your Grand Opening

Put Structure to your Marketing

Viral Video Generates Business

Viral video can give your business the jump start it needs in this competitive world we live in. It is hard to generate publicity special for a grand opening.  Just telling people that you have a new store or service does not  mean they are moved to become promoters and share the information.

What you want to do is create a video or slide presentation that drives them to your Facebook fan page.  Convert these people into excited fans.   Once they become a fan, you can provide them with your store grand opening activities.  Explain to them why your business is better, more efficient, convert these people into loyal customers.  Tell these people how your business helps the community and encourage them to share the information.

This is free advertising.

Do you realize, that if your family shares your viral video, it can reach hundreds if not thousands of people, in just a couple days.

Have a contest among employees to see on whom can create a video that goes viral.  Set some guidelines about how they represent the company and give an award to the person who gets the most videos.  Just imagine, you have 20 employees working for you and five of them make a video.  You have the potential to communicate thousands of views and you did not do anything but create the contest.

Just recently, a group of entertainer‘s made a friendly wager on who can get the most YouTube video views.  At the end of the video, we are promoting our Facebook fan page.  Hundreds, now moving into the thousands, are seeing these videos, and it only took us a couple hours to do it.

Remember to  promote the viral video on Twitter and LinkedIn. Use all the tools available to you to get the word out about your grand opening.

Here was my submission.  Again, the goal is to draw attention to your business.  Give people a reason to join your Facebook page then once they join start telling them about all the fun and excitement that is happening at your grand opening.

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Grand Opening Sales

Make the Grand Opening Sale Special

No matter if this is your first or your 100th store grand opening; people will expert some type of sale.  In fact most store grand openings use sales as a tool to lure in customers, but be creative in your sales marketing and reap profit and create loyal customers.

Many businesses try to discount the entire store thinking this will give them the greatest

exposure and the largest variety of customers.  This works great if you’re a convenience store and not specializing in a horizontal market. If you’re a specialty store, you want to make sure you attract customers who will use the products you’re selling and develop loyal customer base.  Understanding your consumer demographics is as important to your grand opening, as well to the success of your business.

Sale items should be clearly marked and should show savings.  Make it easy for the customer to see the saving you’re offering.  If you offer repair services, show a comparison chart of your rate compared to competitors.

Become creative in your grand opening sales.

  • Offer useful products on sale that will brand a particular product or service to your store. The goal is to generate sales, but also create loyal customer base who will retune for future sales.
  • Offer discounts on multiple product if purchased the day of the grand opening.
  • Offer discounts on related products purchased together – Snow shovel, salt, and door mate reduce greater if purchased together.
  • Offer free assembly or delivery on large ticket items, if purchase at grand opening.

Making your store grand opening profitable is not difficult, it just take serious planning.  The sales planning you do now; will pay off in future sales.

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A Hardware Store is More Than Tools

Grand opening for a hardware store should be about the tools for the entire family. Highlight kids safety products, show off house hold cleaning products. Encourage customers to buy from the local hardware store then dealing with crowed super stores for basic cleaning supplies.  Have activities that highlight specialty products like:

  • Bicycle repair kits, locks, and pumps
  • Floor cleaners
  • Automotive cleaners
  • Window treatment

Show the diversity of the store and give everyone a reason to shop at the hardware store.

Make it fun

Hire a promotional entertainment to create a party atmosphere that makes it festive for the entire family.

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Grand Re-Opening Tips

Grand Re-Opening BannerA re-grand opening or a some say “a grand re-opening” is a clever way to create a buzz about your business. Over time, the everyday wear and tear along with changing times starts to rundown and date an establishment. What better way to eject employee enthusiasm, improve company image, bring pride back to a community, and increase business by investing back into your company.

Many owners remodel their store, but fail to capitalize on a marketing tool of the re-grand opening.  A re-grand opening will attract new, existing, and indifferent customers to your company along with stimulating employee morale and revitalize the community about the business.

Re-grand opening marketing is the same process as a grand opening, but the business has an advantage that community leaders and the general public are aware of its existence.  Inform community leaders that the company is investing into the community and making a long term commitment to be active in the business community.  A re-grand opening is not just an opening of a business, but a political statement as well as a business investment.

Educate the Community and Customer,
Removing the Reluctance to Change

Communities are reluctant and don’t accept change quickly.  People are creatures of habit and changing a beloved store can weaken customer faith and loyalty in management. Knowing this, it’s critical that you stress how the changes will improve customer service and enhance the shopping experience.

Educate the customer by:

  • Artist rendering of the new facility
  • Highlight improved features and efficiencies
  • Show how expansion improves customer service
  • Show an increase in job skills, placement, and improvement to employee working conditions

A re-grand opening effects store layout, customer service, parking, and employees. So it is critical that you educate customers and community during the re-model. Educate and inform as you go. This will help reduce the customer’s frustration while the remodel is happening.

Provide the customer with the following:

  • Place endcap signs informing customer of product placement
  • Provide maps to better guide confused customers
  • Have store associates designated to assist customers
  • Keep employees up-to-date on improvements so they can help with customers questions

Get the Media Involved

Work with local newspapers and television on informing their readers and viewers how the store changes will add value to the community, increase employment, add tax dollars to the community, along with showing the value of the business staying in the community.

Use a Professional Marketing Company

Professional Marketing Companies can help you produce a successful re-grand opening by:

  • Developing media ads – TV, radio and newspaper
  • Web development and email correspondence
  • Hiring of promotional entertainment
  • Develop press releases
  • Contracting in-store personalities – TV, radio, and athletes

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