Preparing and Planning a Grand Opening

Put Structure to your Marketing
Tips To Planning A Grand Opening

Workbook On Planning A Grand Opening

To have a successful grand opening event you are going to have to prepare and plan all the details. This can be time consuming if you don't know what your doing.  Worst yet, you have only one shot at it, so it best to get all the information you can to make it a successful and profitable.  You can either spend hours searching online or buy the workbook that teaches you how to do it.

In this workbook, I will be teach you how to:

  • Advertise Your Grand Opening For Free

    Tips To Planning A Grand Opening

    Artistic Conception of Document

  • Increase Sale Through In-Store Promotions
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Grand Opening Budget
  • Store Hours
  • Secret  To Using Promotional Prizes
  • Effective Ways To Use Your Staff
  • Take Advantage Of Local Networking
  • Power Of Charities
  • Using Local Entertainment
  • 7- Page Document


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