Grand opening gifts and promotional items are marketing tools and not frivolous expenses. There are literally 1,000’s of promotional giveaways ranging form under a dollar to hundreds of dollars to consider. Costs will always be a determining factor, no matter how big your budget is. Cost will dictate what you will giveaway.

Grand opening giveaways are an expense, but keeping these thoughts in mind when selecting a promotional item will make your decision effortless.

  • Grand opening gift which have corporate names, website or slogan can be considered adverting and is a legitimate write off for the company.
  • The grand opening itself, if done right will generate free press. Allocate unused advertising dollars towards the grand opening giveaway.
  • Bulk + 1 = reduced cost. When researching your grand opening promotional giveaway, look for discount quantity breaks. Depending on the product and its cost, buying the product in bulk or by increasing volume purchase may reduce your product cost. If purchasing more than 100 will reduced your prices, then buy 101 and save money.
  • Offer quality or high-end promotional items if your customer joins a reward program or signs up for corporate email subscriptions. Use this grand opening gift to obtains customer sales demographics.
  • Request vendor sponsored gifts. Manufactures and distributors have marketing budgets dedicated to grand openings. Tap into their resource dollars and make them part of the grand opening. Solicit vendors to donate or contribute to the grand opening giveaway gifts in exchange for advertising.

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