Learn How To Produce a Great Grand Opening Press Release

All the tips and tricks to creating a successful grand opening press release are here in this document.
You will learn:

  • Press Release Layout and how to create a Headline, Verbiage, Subhead, Body, and Closing
  • What you should have in Paragraphs 1,2,3, and 4, the final paragraph
  • What to Write About
  • Photos and Images for Press Release
  • Media Notes
  • Where to send the Press Release
  • How Often to Distribute
  • Give Yourself the Competitive Edge

Get Newspapers, Journals, And Social Media Talking About Your Business Today!

Write Grand Opening Press Release

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Do you have the time to waste looking for this information or would it be easier to get all then information compiled and ready for you to start writing your press release tonight?

I've done all the research for you, it's just waiting here for you. This document has been specifically designed to teach you how to quickly and efficient write a grand opening press release.

People have spent 5, 6, even ten times this amount on books telling them how to write, market and distribute a press release.  You'll have to read countless pages just to find the useful information. Why not buy the condensed information you need. It's just one easy click of the mouse and you have everything you need.

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