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Grand Openings Restaurants

We Have Enough PR

Put Structure to your Marketing

Free PR is better than no PR. Yet, I am amazed at the number of companies I call upon to let them know how they can promote their Grand Openings for free. However they will tell me, “The PR department has everything under control and they have ‘their outlets’ of communication established.”

WOW, these same companies, just two decades ago, said, “A website is not needed, and social media will never help our business.”  The culture of business has not changed when it comes to expanding ideas.

PR departments are not SEO specialists, their social media marketing is limited, and many times they are stuck in the past when it comes to expanding ideas on how to market an event outside the standard TV, radio, and print media.

My advice to all is to never leave a stone unturned when advertising a Grand Opening.  Look for and accept all opportunities that arise. If one person sees your announcement and it cost you nothing, you are a winner.  Realize, your boss or client is paying you to use all the tools at your disposal to make their Grand Opening a success, so take advantage of them!

If your company is having a Grand Opening, market your event to as many people as you can.  Do not rely on “established communication outlets”, but do what is expected of you and seek out all opportunities to promote your Grand Opening.  The success of your Grand Opening lies in your ability to get the PR information out there, using all the outlets available at your disposal, to help ensure a successful Grand Opening.

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Yelp Now Open

Yelp Now Open and Get Reviews

Did you Yelp “Now Open” and seek reviews encouraging people to talk about your business? People have been watching how your business develops and are anticipating your opening.  Your business is the talk of the business in town, local residents and among family members driving by your business.  Think of how many times you have said to a family member “You know the _____ store on _______ street is now open.”

Shelves stock to compactly, staff is friendly, and there is excitement of the grand opening, so why not encourage people to review your business?  Yelp’s online community can spread the word faster about a business then the 10-foot rented hot air balloon with a sign on it reading “Now Open” that sits on the parkway.

Encourage them to Yelp Now Open

Strategically place signs that say “People love us on Yelp”. Plant the seed in their head when walking out the door.  Place a Yelp sign in the restrooms and say “Hey, if this bathroom is clean, Yelp it to the world.” Keep the grand opening buzz going by providing special offers for people who use Yelp Check-in Offers.

Yelp is a user review and recommendation website and mobile applet that allows users to rate their experience with a business. Exceeding 15 million reviews of business, new business should encourage customers to Yelp about their experience and should monitor its reviews.

Manage your Yelp Image

Customers will be reviewing your business staff, product and service.  Consider them as micro managers who’s criticisms will dictate the longevity of your business. Address Yelp criticisms with employees to correct problems and improve services.  Look upon Yelp as a business tool to help fine-tune your business.  Include Yelp into your Grand Opening plans and take advantage of the free input that will help you build a successful business.

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Creative Marketing Ideas

Trying to figure out what marketing ideas will work and won’t, is always a difficult choice for a business.  Trial and error are how most people start a business while cleaver people do some research and find clever, innovative marketing ideas to help them achieve their financial goals.  Here is a document on Creative Marketing Ideas that can help small businesses improve their marketing along with improving their current marketing positions.

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Grand Opening Kids Sampler Platter

Kids can be fussy eaters and everyday brings a new challenge on what they’re going to like or dislike when it comes to eating. Restaurants can offer a kid’s sampler platter the week of the grand opening. The sampler platter will introduce new foods offered on the kids menu that parents may be hesitant to order as a full meal. Items would include three meats, veggies and choice of breads.

Why a kid’s sampler plate?

The purposes of a kid’s sampler plate are

  1. Provide a meal that offers variety of choices allowing parent/kids to try new foods
  2. Provide a healthier kids meal
  3. Showcase foods that typical would not be ordered by kids
  4. Increase sales through kids meals

Consider the flowing options as a kid’s sampler platter.

  • Fried fish
  • Lasagna
  • Tacos
  • Chicken wings
  • Green beans
  • Raw vegetables
  • Grill chicken
  • Chicken wraps
  • Fresh fruit
  • Parmesan noodles

Food Allergies

Many pedestrians caution parents that young children may be allergic to nuts and berries. Err on the side of caution, leaving out peanuts and berries form the kids menu.

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Grand Opening Restaurant – Kids Meals

Going beyond the typical nuggets and fries

Going out to eat should be enjoyable, but also healthy for the entire family. Many restaurants are now catering to children and kid’s meals are becoming the competitive difference between success and failure.  In the past, kid’s meals were boring in design, presentation, and had few options; but today’s meals not only taste better, but are healthier. Restaurant owners need to address their kid’s meal design and presentation.  Parents are seeking out restaurants that are proving kid friendly service and healthy kid’s meals. So it is important that a restaurant highlight the benefits of the kid’s meal at the grand opening.  Educate parents that your kid’s meals are better for their kids than chain fast food restaurants.

Here are some 7 tips on showcasing and presenting a kids meal at a restaurant grand opening.

  • Display juice options on counter – Show off kid’s drink options just like bars show off popular liquors. If seen, parents will buy it.
  • Quality sandwiches – Kid’s eat more than PJ, hot dogs and burgers. Create real meals in bite size bits.
  • Include soup and salads with kid’s meals – Kid’s like to eat what their parent eats. Provide them with a full course meal.
  • Provide kids utensils – Many kid’s like to eat with silverware, provide small forks and spoons. Customize the utensils, so if they vanish from the table they’ll have your advertising information on it.
  • Food presentation for kid’s – Design the meal so it is ready for kid’s to eat. Cut sandwiches into quarters, provide drinking in spill proof glasses and provide kid’s appetizer for kid’s waiting.
  • Kid’s free appetizers – Waiting in a restaurant can be excruciating for a small child and need an appetizer to settle them down. Offer complementary Cheerio’s as a treat while parents and family wait for the meal.
  • Kid’s appetizer platter – This platter would contain oranges and apple slices, crackers, cheese, Goldfish crackers and Cheerio’s. Everything is health and finger friendly giving parents an alternative meal for picky eaters.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale has been a professional balloon entertainer who works with restaurants in developing kid’s nights along with increase family participating at a restaurant.

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