Owning a new home is a great accomplishment and should be celebrated with family and friends. We all stride to better ourselves and having a housewarming party allows one to show off that you developed into a responsible person.  The housewarming party is an open invitation to come and see your new house, backyard, and its decor.  This is a personal grand opening which will have people coming throughout the day. So make it fun and enjoy the company.

Tips on making your housewarming party a success.

  1. Set a time frame for the grand opening – In the invitation let them know the event goes from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm and they are welcome to come anytime.  This way people can come, see the house, visit, and leave.  By setting a start and end time will allow you control the party and the expenses.
  2. Cater food if possible – This allows you to mingle with your guests and show off your house.
  3. Keep food simple – This isn’t a sit down party it is more about socializing and mingling.  Keep the food portable and easy to plate.
  4. Provide spill proof cups for kids.
  5. Avoid red wine – New carpeting is best ruined by the home owner, not the guest.
  6. Hire entertainment to keep family and friend entertained.
  7. Layout family pictures so guests have something to reminisce about – This gives everyone a chance to talk about family present and past.
  8. Strategically place snacks in different parts of the house – This will keep people mingling and allows everyone to enjoy the house as much as you do.
  9. Place waste receptacles in visible locations – It’s a party and there’s going to be trash, make it easy for guests to toss out garbage.
  10. Avoid food with sauces – Best to vacuum up crumbs then having to hire a carpet cleaning company.
  11. Avoid tuning on TV – The party is about your house and family, not the pendent race that is occurring.
  12. Background music is great for setting up the party, but become annoying when guest arrive – Turn off the music.
  13. Include detailed map and contact information on invitation – Make it easy for your guests to find your new house.
  14. Make a thank you list – Too often at the end of the party you cannot remember who brought a bottle of wine or gave you that special housewarming gift.  Use a notepad to quickly write down names and a quick description of the present.  When you send out thank you notes you can thank them for the specific housewarming gift.
  15. Send out thank you notes – Thanking people for coming to your party will insure that your next event will get a response from them.

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