A Game of Chance

The goal of the game is to add fun to a grand opening and give people a reason to buy products.

Grand Opening Promotional Card Game Scenario

A customer enters the store and walks directly to a table. On the table is a deck of fanned out playing cards. The customer selects a card. The card selected will determine the customer’s discount bag — hearts 10% off, a club 15%, a diamond 20%, and a spade 25% discount on selected items that can fit into the bag. If a person draws a wild card then a 50% bag is given. Use only one deck of cards, remove the cards as the promotion progresses. Once down to the last couple cards, reshuffle the deck and start all over again.

Items needed

  • Deck of ordinary playing cards
  • Shopping bags of different sizes
  • Sharpie Marker

Setup for Grand Opening Card Game

Discount bags will need to have discount % written on each bag.

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